How to Create and Submit your First Ticket


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In this article I'll explain how to create and submit your first ticket. As you will see, the process is very simple and intuitive, requiring only few steps.

1 Login

In order to consult and submit tickets to our support system, you need first to login. Follow the instructions below:

2 Support Home Page

The homepage is composed by different sections:


2.1 Tabs

  • Home: the home page
  • Knowledge Base: To visualize only the Forums
  • Submit a Request: To submit the new request ticket form
  • Check your Existing Requests: to check the open requests and to consult the closed requests

2.2 Announcements Banner

Contains a banner displaying an announcement that we consider import for you

2.3 User ID

Contains your personal information. Check the data and, in case of mistakes, please contact your ESSS account manager or send an email to

2.4 Hot Topics

Contains the top five topics accessed by the other customers within the last month.




2.5 Knowledge Base search box

Use this search box to search in the knowledge base. You can use keywords or even a complete question. After hit the Enter key, the results are displayed below the search box. In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, click on the link “Fill out a request form” (more on this later in this article).




2.6 Customer Service

Contains the topics pinned in the Homepage by the system administrator




2.7 Forums

Contains the forums from our Knowledge Base. As for now, there are 5 forums:

  • ROCKY: Exclusive area for the ROCKY DEM Customers
  • ANSYS: Topics related to the ANSYS Software Suite
  • Ensight: Topics related to the Ensight Post-processing Software
  • modeFrontier: Topics related to the modeFrontier Multidisciplinary Optimization Software
  • ESSS: General Topics related to ESSS (such as announcements, calendar)

3 Submit a Request

Click on the “Submit a Request” tab to see the new request submission form. 

3.1 Subject

Here you should enter a subject for your question. After you left this control, e.g. by hitting the Tab key, a list of related topics will appear. Maybe the solution you are looking can be found in this list of topics.

3.2 Problem Category

Please chose the more suitable category for your problem. 


3.3 Description  

Please inform, as clearly as possible, the issue you’re facing. You can reference documents in the help system, or on the internet, or even attach (see 3.7) files, such as images or log files, to help you better describe your problem. Remember, as clearer your issue description, the faster the support agent will answer your question.

3.4 Product

Select the list the product name. E.g: If you have a problem with Fluent, select CFD->Fluent

3.5 Version

Inform the version number from the software you’re using.

3.6 Operational System

Inform the Operational System you’re using.


3.7 Attachments

Please notice that the maximum size allowed for attachment is 7 MB. Larger files should be submitted via our FTP. See details in this topic:

4 Check your Existing Requests

Click in this tab to see a list of your previous requests, if any. You can also consult the solved and closed tickets requests.

4.1 Solved & Closed Tickets

Click on this link to see a list of your recent closed tickets



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